December 01, 2020

We hereby inform you that, due to the significant increases in raw materials, while taking care of most of them, we are forced against our will to implement a limited increase in our price lists.

In consideration of the above, all existing Moretti Compact price lists (2019 price list, 2020 supplementary price list and 2020 Vogue price list) will undergo a 3% increase with effect from 27 January 2021.

Mercantini Mobili, New Collection ECLIPSE

October 08, 2020

Design, aesthetics, ergonomics and practical use for total wellness. That is the philosophy of Mercantini Mobili in all its forms.  Anyone can find an answer to their furnishing needs thanks to excellent manufacturing techniques, beginning with ultra-silent components and shock absorbed closures. The New Collection Eclipse is the latest solution for your bedroom combining minimalism, elegance and modernity.

2020-07-20 (3).png

Moretti Compact New Collection VOGUE

October 06, 2020

A classic mood that winks at the contemporary: this is the new Vogue collection by Moretti Compact which offers doors with perimeter profiles. The frame door creates plays of light with a visual effect of depth of the surfaces, an effect that is best enhanced in the lacquered finishes.

Mambo Unlimited Ideas, New Collection BLOP

October 05, 2020

Dear partners,

Meet new Blop Armchair!

The Blop Armchair is a cosy and playful armchair created by Mambo Unlimited Ideas. The rounded seat and backrest is fully upholstered for comfort and looks effortless on top of an industrial style base. The Blop Armchair works well in both residential and public spaces including living rooms, hotel suites, reception areas, bars and cafes.

Nuura_Miira 8 Circular Optic_AW20_1.jpg

NUURA New Collection + New Price List

October 01, 2020

Dear partners,

Please note that company NUURA published a New Catalogue AW2020 and New Price List AW2020 from 1st October 2020.

More Information you will find in Personal Area.


January 25, 2020

Dear partners,

Meet MANILA, designed by German designer Sebastian Herkner. We are very excited to announce that this pendant is the newest addition to our product range. 

An incredibly elegant combination of artisanal blown glass and a plissé textile diffuser. Its name comes from Spanish "Mantón de Manila". It's a traditional silk shawl commonly used by flamenco dancers.



January 17-21, 2020

We would like to thank you to our Partners and Clients for meetings during the M&O.

Mercantini Mobili

February 05, 2020

We would like to inform you that Mercantini Mobili will start from February new catalogue of wardrobes OMNIA.